Canning Copper River Red Salmon, Alaska

Straight Ahead Construction

This is a brief and simple introduction to my basic method for canning Copper River and/ or Kenai Red Salmon.

First, buy this book.

canning and smoking salmon kenai or copper

“Cooking Alaskan” by Alaskans will provide you with all the basics of not only canning but how to process most fish and mammals in North America.

I only gut my fish at the river.  I leave the heads on because you will waste less meat if you run low on ice and they are easier to fillet with heads on.

How to organize for canning and smoking salmon:

1. Get a brine going.  A simple brine for smoking is all I will use here.  Use 2 cups non-iodized/ canning salt ( a must) and 2 cups brown sugar and add it to a gallon of warm water.  I do this on the stove.  You want to make sure all of your salt goes into solution.  Best…

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