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ExploreDreamDiscover Talks is the blog for ExploreDreamDiscover Tours.  This is the place to find our most recent travels, travel photos, and some travel ramblings. If nothing else it is just a place to share some of my own, our clients, or even your personal travel experiences with one another.  Be inspired! or insert your own cliche here!  Have fun…

….ExDD provides unforgettable tours and world-class service while sustainably managing our impact where we tread. Careening down a jungle river on a safari in Borneo or pondering the source of the Aurora Borealis from geothermal springs in Alaska are just two memorable places you may find yourself on an ExDD tour.  We are staffed with local guides and expert world travelers of diverse backgrounds that have a passion for sharing experiences and making sure your needs are met.

Between experienced guides and locations of tours we can offer our guests interactive cultural experiences, eco-adventure tours, birding, bicycling, and more. Further, we are proud to aligning ourselves with the sustainability movement by working with like-minded vendors abroad, limiting our impacts to the best of our ability, and pledging to donate proceeds from our tours to education and conservation programs.

254 thoughts on “About “Talks”

    • Hi Dea,

      Thanks so much for the award nomination. I have been so busy with trying to get together content for this blog, my other blog, and working that I have not been able to participate in any nominations I have received. Having said that I think I need to decline the invitation though I am humbled by it. Thanks again and take care.
      Mike Knoche


  1. Thanks for liking my post about ais kacang, Mike! Have you tried it before?
    Also, good to see you writing about Colombia…although I was only in the capital and its environs (big city person), positive promotion is something they have earned!


  2. Hi there! Thanks for the blog love 🙂 I will definitely be posting more on travel soon (it’s about time I go somewhere!), and I look forward to exchanging with you!



  3. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and leading me to yours. From the little I have seen, it seems pretty impressive! Look forward to reading more at leisure 🙂


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    • You are welcome. I guess I made a decision a long time ago to make travel a priority. I live pretty simply when I am at home. I don’t need much besides music and my binoculars. Its nice to see you here. Cheers!


  5. Thanks for liking my post about skim milk soda, Mike! Have you tried it in your travels? I’m sure you’ve encountered a range of curious drinks in SE Asia and South America…though, how about in Fairbanks?


    • Thanks. I am only 6 months into really blogging and it is really changing how I write and how I look at daily situations. “How will I explain this?”. Know what I mean? Have fun


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