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Photography,travel, BBQ, FARC, parks, biking, aurora borealis, boobies, and wine… After a year of posting I thought I would share the top 7 posts on the blog. I want to thank all of the growing supporters for the dialogue and comments. It’s been an eye opening experience in terms of writing but more about communicating with all of you.  I could not have imagined how much I would learn by having this blog.  It was originally just to improve SEO for my website.  Now it is something fr beyond and aid or even a hobby.  Thanks!

1. This man’s first time seeing his own photo in Tangoo, Myanmar (Burma)

2. Tips on how to photograph the Northern Lights

3. The Interior of Alaskan Life 2: Preparing Thanksgiving Moose Ribs

4. Colombia: Is it safe to travel there yet?

5. Ecuador: Las Cajas National Park high in the Andes Mountains

6. Galápagos Islands: Travel to Genovesa Island (Tower Island), the land of boobies

7. Malbec Wine tasting in Mendoza, Argentina

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