The Interior of Alaskan Life


“The Interior of Alaskan Life” provides small windows into the Interior Alaska life. Interior Alaska can be defined as the vast area between the Alaska Range to the South and the Brooks Range in the North. Our environment is as extreme as our politics.  It allows you to understand better the proprietor and guides at ExploreDreamDiscover Tours. It’s a piece to show us the similarities and differences you and I have in our lives. I hope you enjoy the anecdotes we share from Interior Alaska.

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28 thoughts on “The Interior of Alaskan Life

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  2. I love Alaska. I took my mom on a cruise in 2009 and it was the trip of a lifetime, one I will NEVER forget. I wish we could have done more inland but there just isn’t enough time to do it all.


  3. One day I’ll be back. Not really sure when but I will come back one day. Next time I want to kayak there and do more interior tours. Can’t forget the whales, have to see them too. I’m actually in Newport Beach, CA and going on a whale watching tour tomorrow. Hoping to see a whale breach again but this time get a picture of it. Everyone on the boat in Alaska missed getting a photo of that.


    • Ah, the gray whales are heading south. Those same whales summer in the Bering and even Beuafort Seas. Good luck the breach photo.

      Kayaking Prince William sound has got to be one of the best things a person can do. I need to do more of it.


  4. Well, the Coast Guard crushed my hopes and dreams of getting that photo. They cancelled all boat tours as it is VERY windy here. GRRRR. OMG. I would LOVE to kayak in Alaska. I just bought my first kayak this past summer and love it. One of the items on my yearly bucket list is to kayak every lake in my area (22 or so) next summer.


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  8. I’ve been saying a lot lately that I’m going to move to Alaska/ due to the crazy life around here/. Alas, everyone is laughing at me when I say it because they think I wouldn’t last there an hour … /ultimate summer girl here/


  9. Thanks for stopping by … well said … your environment is as extreme as the politics ! i have family&friends who live work play and survive the “tundra” brrrr


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