Making out with the Sphinx

Wow, I made it to the Great Pyramids.  Here’s the story.  When I was a boy, maybe 31 years ago, my grandmother came to visit. We thought she was mean. She was definitely scary because she was a heavy breather like Darth Vader without the mask. I mean no disrespect! It’s just an observation. Anyway she had just come from a  trip to Egypt…

  DSC03246  DSC03247 I recall how it evoked some sense of the exotic but that was a long time ago.  I remember breaking the legs off one of the hand carved camels she gave me within minutes of receiving it. My mom was furious and scolded me with her scary eyes bouncing around in their sockets.  Yikes! But Grandma just laughed. I was in awe, I thought for sure Grandma would tell me it was a sin. Everything else was a sin.  DSC03248 But standing here on this day I thought back on her visit.  She was so relaxed and told us about King Tut and riding camels. I remember liking the visit and deciding I would go to Egypt one day.  DSC03250 I can’t help but wonder if it was these first stories I had heard of a foreign land that fueled my world travel ambitions. I mean, first stories besides Canada. DSC03251  DSC03252  DSC03253  DSC03254 Oh dang, everybody doin it! The boy who took these shots asked for no money.  I offered him about the equivalent of one USD for taking the series.  He smiled, took it, hugged me, and told me thank you and that I did not have to do it. DSC03255     DSC03257 MUAH

It was actually a pretty rough day out there. People and camels were starving and begging me to buy something, anything. Perspective.

We are not going to offer trips to Egypt anytime soon, unfortunately.

11 thoughts on “Making out with the Sphinx

      • Thanks so much for that tip about the hostel being so close. I was actually planning to go to Egypt for my 30th birthday, but my sister backed out and I didn’t want to go alone, so I went to Italy instead. But I still regret not going to Egypt and it sucks that it’s in a lot of turmoil at present.


      • Italy was awesome. It was my second time, so I only went to two places on that trip. The first time I did the whole whirlwind tour, so for my 30th, I went to Venice and had a gondola ride–not too shabby for a birthday celebration. I also went to Cinque Terre, which was GORGEOUS.


  1. Am loving reading your blog post about your adventures…hearing about your adventures in person and on the blog and our wonderful time on the Alaska trip
    has unleashed the travel bug in us….Galapagos Islands now on the list as well as rafting in the Grand Canyon. Yikes! Hope things go well in Fairbanks.


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