The 35 Kalishnikov salute! Not kidding.


On my third day in Ethiopia, we headed fro Axum to Mekele to take a tour of the Danakil Depression. The arid landscape was full of smiling faces but suddenly..there was a mob of men in the road ahead.  They all held AK-47’s.  I was SO nervous. This land is lawless. As we drove on the men slowly parted and the driver beeped the horn. I looked at him like “you is crazy”. He smiled, in Ahmaric.  Ha. The men outside saw we were ferengi’s (foreigners) and began to wave there guns in the air and smile. I was reluctant to pull out my camera and just after we passed I thought to myself that they probably really would have liked it, especially when I snapped this photo quickly and these guys waved when they saw the camera.

but look what happens wen someone in the south DOES NOT WANT their picture taken!

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4 thoughts on “The 35 Kalishnikov salute! Not kidding.

  1. Reminds of my visit in that area long ago when Ethiopia and Eritrea were at war. Nevertheless a beautiful country and beautiful people, pity the politicians, like in most of Africa are a bunch of crap morons.


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