View Polar Bear’s at Barrow, Alaska

At Barrow, Alaska polar bear’s will congregate on a a whale carcass occasionally. Bowhead whales are hunted for subsistence by Inupiaq hunters. Many of the bowhead’s are caught in spring on the ice. Sometimes a carcass will makes it way on shore because the ice sheet the remains were on melts on land.  Within a short time period a large number of polar bears come together and feed. It’s not always a friendly affair. This photo was taken by Donald Zanoff.

When I was working on my Master’s degree in Barrow there were 60+ bears on a whale carcass while I worked. Not you average work environment!

So just remember, when you visit Alaska….

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22 thoughts on “View Polar Bear’s at Barrow, Alaska

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  2. Having lived in Alaska as a kid, your cartoon is right on the money! We had to be careful of moose on our one mile walk to school (and yes, it was uphill…in the snow…love to tell my boys this!) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  3. I’d love to see an actual polar bear up close! But your photographs are pretty close. Thank you for sharing them, and I hope to see more from you in the future.


    • Hi Wes, Thanks for stopping by. I credited the actual photographer who took that photo. I am sure he had a fair amount of lens between those bears and himself. I have seen polar bears that close up in Barrow, its not extremely relaxing unless the engine is running. On another note it is incredible to watch these animals move across the icescape there. They are incredible swimmers as well. Cheers


  4. oh wow… up close and personal with a polar bear. Somehow I don’t picture myself doing this–ha. I like the cartoon above about becoming part of the food chain. That’s the way I always sort of feel when I’m in the woods/wilderness… like at any minute I might become part of the food chain even though I know I won’t—ha. Guess I’m more of a “city person” as my family always says…. Cheers! –jody–


    • Hi Jody, Well I guess avoiding being eaten and remaining in the food chain is the best option. However, those shots were taken with a telephoto lens and likely from a vehicle that was a safe distance from the bears. Anyway, if you ever change your mind, let us know. What city by the way?


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