Jaguar hunting in Brazil

Travel to Brazil’s Pantanal region offers one of the best opportunities to see jaguars in the world. With your guide Marcello you will cruise the rivers and cross the country side in search of these elusive cats. Go in August or September because Marcello says so.  That leaves you just about one year to get pronto (ready)!

But that’s not all you’ll see…that’s right, those are 100 lb guinea pigs, or capybara’s, the worlds largest rodent.  Yes, they are just behind the of the river full of caiman’s.  As this seasonal river dried up the caiman’s lied in wait for loads of fish that desperately tried to swim up the river to escape….

The sightings that can be had while traveling in the Pantanal go on and on.  On my trip I also saw lesser ant eaters, howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, loads of raptors, and agouti’s.

What do you want to see on your trip to the Pantanal?
Are there other locations you would like to see in Brazil?

Come back to read about Iguazu Falls and Carnaval….and contact for more details.

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25 thoughts on “Jaguar hunting in Brazil

  1. Beautiful Pictures. What a gift to be blessed with the opportunity to photograph such incredible animals!

    I have a friend who I’m forwarding your sites/contact info to – he recently completed his Undergrad in Zoology from NDSU, has served in the Conservation Corps, & has been to New Zealand to study abroad.

    He’s gathering ideas about next steps – I’m sure your sites will inspire him, they’ve inspired me.

    Thanks Mike! Keep Living the Dream.

    Ben @ TravelingThaneFurrows


    • That sounds great. I would love to go there as well. Brazil is so immense and diverse that is would take months or years to explore it properly. When are you planning to head there? I may go back for the Olympic games and visit wit friends I met on the Amazon R.


      • That’s exactly when I’m planning to go! I have always wanted to go to an Olympic Games (as well as a World Cup) and Brazil is hosting both! I have lots of Brazilian friends and I am really in love with the food. My scale will really hate me after that, I can assure you.


      • Great. What cities do you plan to attend for games? I think I will do Sao Paolo and Rio. I did not visit Rio last time in Brasil. However, my friends there might want to go to Manaus. So you have spent some time there?


      • I’ve never been to Brazil but have lots of Brazilian friends. I also did some content writing about Brazil so I am absolutely keen on getting to know the country and having all the delicious food! The more of Brazil I get to know, the better! I hope to be able to shuttle around to as many cities as possible. We’ll see if I can manage to become independently wealthy before then! 😉


      • Well, a bit of Portunol really. I think I was making good progress last time but I think the similarities and then stark differences between them really throw me for a loop. I will prepare more before my next trip too.


  2. Beautiful! I’d love to see pictures of the lesser anteaters! (I know this is inappropriate, but along the same line as your recent post on cuy: why doesn’t anyone eat capybara?)


    • Ha! Capybara would be a huge feast. Maybe we should bring it up in conversation. There is much more meat there…
      I wish I had a photo of the anteater. It was a quick glimpse and I usually try to get a look look before I raise a camera. I am not a photographer at heart.


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