Safari at Masai Mara, Kenya (Full day)


This is my journal entry from December 3, 2013….

An arid landscape full of life.  Maasai wave with big, toothy grins or stick their hands out to beg for shillings. Their cows graze among the cactus and ocotillo like plants I have seen in Mexico. Sausage trees stand leaved, fruiting and their sparse shadows the only respite from the sun. Gazelles dance at the edges of the Maasai’s cattle. Non-migratory wildebeest’s graze wondering where everybody is. Zebras scan the periphery as they feed in small groups. Over the green hill a young lion attempts to de-limb a water buffalo killed by his mother who lies nearby by, sated, alongside his brother. Impala’s prance off as we move past with the largest set of corkscrew horns standing guard.  A mother elephant happy strips leaves off small shrubs she fancies, her newborn and 2-3 year old in tow. Four giraffes below stand next to a dry creek bed.  The leopard that was resting across that deep bed has now drifted down into it setting off an alarm in the adult giraffe standing on the other side, the parasite eating birds on its neck flush momentarily. A wild boar deliciously gazes on but oinks at our presence. Flesh eating storks wait on the ground as death looms.


DSC00111The sun rose on time while we waited for Christina. The crew was anxious to get back on the road. Short bouts of laughter shrouded the impatience while Jackson stood by, impotent. As if on schedule we chattily made our way to the gate. A ranger stopped us.  “Jambo”, he said followed by a mile of Swahili.  He jumped in with his rifle determined to rid the Mara of its Maasai cattle. Lions, cheetahs, hippos, and the Mara river (River river) were the order of the day. Jackson sped down the path narrowly missing zebras, gazelles, dik-dik, wildebeest, and anything in our way.  He was on a mission but we were never sure what. Ask him to stop he says “why” and stops too late.

DSC00112 DSC00113



DSC00121  DSC00129


More videos of lion and elephants coming soon.  I’ll post more pictures of safari beasts as I go through photos this next week.  Thanks for stopping in and don’t be shy to share!

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