A day in the life in Uganda

Photos of life taken while traveling across the Ugandan savannah from Fort Portal to Kampala, Uganda.  All of the writing content was added post travel.

Vendors attack the bus  in a nameless place.DSC00817


Avocados for sale.  DSC00828



Coffee beans in the sun.  I had coffee from the bean a handful of time but it was always Folgers quality.DSC00831

Pet storeDSC00830


Kampala comes into view.DSC00845


Mt attempt a city photography.DSC00847

Thats all for now.  As always feel free to share just by clicking below…

DSC00818Wait more yummy grasshopper!!!!

If you are planning a trip to East Africa or considering Uganda, DO  IT!.  The people in Uganda are among the most polite in the world.  Experience Uganda!

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