Rafting the Nile River

I am not going to say I’ve rafted a ton but I have rafted a big handful of times in some amazing places.  Holy crap, this is the most powerful river I have swam in, wait, its the only river I have swam in while rafting.

uganda tours and travel  _MG_0957  _MG_0958  _MG_0963 My Icelandic partners and my friend Amina who paddles the safety raft. _MG_0979  _MG_0983 Yeah. It’s that steep. _MG_0987  _MG_0988  _MG_0998  IMG_1004  IMG_1005  IMG_1006  IMG_1012OK, made it through that one but… IMG_1013No IMG_1020   IMG_1023  IMG_1024 No IMG_1025  IMG_1026and No IMG_1029

Ha ha 3 out of 6 is not too good but we had a hella good time…

Here are some of the other things I did in Uganda:

A day in equatorial Uganda

Sitting with mountain gorillas (video)

Chasing chimpanzees! (video)

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