Move over pictures of kittens on Facebook, now there’s something more feline



DSC00309I bet this cat could accelerate at 4 times the rate of a human being, obtain speeds of 70-75 mph or 120km/hr, and could retract its claws it it was playing with another cheetah. That is if it were chasing something and not sleeping by itself.

Still cool to score this cheetah on our way out of Masai Mara right before our alternator went.


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7 thoughts on “Cheetas!

    • Hi Deanna,

      I think traveling alone has its pro’s and cons. You can do whatever whenever. Its easy. The con is not really having someone to share it with. I’m kinda over that though. How about you? you like to travel alone? I’ll check out your blog just as soon as I’m done going through comments. Nice to have you here.


      • hey there! thanks for your wonderful response!
        I love travelling alone, it gives me the feeling of excitement that i cannot explain myself. it makes me feel the true bliss of freedom.

        i cant wait for your next blog post!
        Following you now!
        keep me updated!


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