Hanging out with gorillas, no kidding (video)

 I shot this video of Nkuringo Mountain gorillas while traveling in Uganda, December 2013.  This is about 20km from the Congo border in SW Uganda.

If you are thinking about seeing mountain gorillas, think about doing it with Nkuringo Walking Safaris and go to this post to find out why…

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Here is the rest of the story…

13 thoughts on “Hanging out with gorillas, no kidding (video)

  1. Wow-so close to them! I really loved the section with the young one messing with the tree trunk, but I also loved watching them eat! Thanks so much.


      • Interesting-On the lighter side, it seems like you paid attention to titles, considering the occasion, no? Gorillaz!!!!! My literary self could write a book on here about the serious side, but let’s just say it for sure takes you through some moods with the subject; it’s always brilliant when our creativity evokes emotion. Bob is so good. Ha, I promise I’m not stoned.


      • Hahahaha, I think I am the only person who has sat with the gorillas and does not write something serious about them like that there’s only 800 or something. I’m just glad they are there. You should go see them. I am glad the music evoked some emotion. I watched this again as I posted to FB today and was moved. Hahahahahha


      • Ha, ha, right. We’d have a cool bipolar discussion on this! We’ll have to pick this conversation up on another platform, but you selected one of Dylan’s darkest songs (intentional or not) so I guess when I listen to it, regardless of the visual or environment I’m in, it stirs the blood. The gorillas just made it more intense? Ha, I can’t help it-I was an English teacher for too many years-William Blake and Dylan and Gorillas!? Epic!!


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