Sitting with Mountain Gorillas, Bwindi, Uganda

It’s true.  When the Uganda Wildlife Association guide told us we had met the trackers, my heart started pounding.  He told us to put our walking sticks and bags down.  Only bring your camera, they are right below us.  People did not hear him because so anxious but then we sorted it and started down.


This silver back was the first in sight.  Maybe 100 feet from him here.


This teenaged gorilla beat his chest and charged the group. Seriously, he was within a meter or two of everyone as we were strung out in a line and he ran next to each. One of the guides laughed when he was done and saying the gorillas name he said “this is his way of saying hello”.






DSC00711 DSC00710

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest stands behind this tea field where we ran into the gorillas. They lie this are because of the sweet, tender shoots from new vegetation growth.






Here our guides and trackers chill out and eat lunch.  They spend 365 days a year working with gorillas.  They are like family. This relationship is obvious.

If you are considering gorilla tracking you might consider paying a bit extra to have someone in Uganda secure the permit for you. I chanced into Nkuringo Walking Tours and had a great experience with the gorillas but it went far beyond that.  Contact them if you are interested in tracking gorillas and read more here about what my experience was like with them.

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10 thoughts on “Sitting with Mountain Gorillas, Bwindi, Uganda

  1. I think I would have initially panicked if they were charging at me! But they look like such beautiful creatures. It is a shame that they are endangered; I wish more people would care about this threat.
    Happy Travels,


  2. So well written, and superb photos — the juxtaposition of “charismatic megafauna” and delicate new blooms is striking, unforgettable. I tend to do my hikes on New Jersey trails, towpaths, preserves, and some wildlife viewing by kayak on the Delaware and Raritan Canal. No gorillas, no guides, but experiences of the wild. I salute you!

    Carolyn Foote Edelmann, Princeton NJ


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