Vernal Equinox: The first day of spring in Alaska

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March equinox has a great significance here at 64 degrees of latitude where our winter days can be just under 4 hours and colder than minus 40 degrees. Winter’s cold grip has loosened over the previous weeks with lengthening day, the return to Alaska Standard Time, and more comfortable temperatures; the equinox is the gateway to the midnight sun. Though we welcome this milestone, it does not provoke people to build huge bonfires and do pagan dances like at winter solstice, rather, it’s a quiet rebirth. It is also an incredible time of year for northern lights watching (photos)!

The Vernal Equinox is the first day spring. The term equinox gets it’s meaning from the Latin and means equal night. The idea of even day and night length was derived closer to the equator but those of us that live further north or south of the equator…

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