A walking safari from Kisoro to Nkuringo camp, Uganda

Note: This post is written post journeyDSC00643  My guide from Nkuringo Walking Safari’s, Richard, met me at 7:30 on what looked like what would be a clear day. Maybe I would see the 5 volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains after all. We set out with day packs on and binoculars dangling. DSC00646The base of two of the volcanoes above a corn field.

DSC00648Kisoro mountain babies.  Here is the start of HUNDREDS of children shouting “Mzungu!!”  From all sides.  I guess I really stood out!

DSC00649At this point my guide told me that the land in this area was not the best in Uganda. I laughed inside because we are just a few miles from the equator and there was so much food here. People were plump and juicy.  I get it, it’s not the best of the best but when I was in Ethiopia a month later standing in a desert and my guide said that this was really productive land I was also left to ponder about perception.

DSC00651The Nkuringo Walking Safari is not just a wildlife adventure.  It is also a submersion into the local culture.  The differences that intrigue you experience seeing or visiting with the people you will see along the path is equal to theirs.


On my leg of the journey there was a two hour paddle in a dug out canoe..DSC00655



Our boatman chatted it up with the guys heading to an island village.  These two entrepreneurs were on their way to buy charcoal and bring it back to Kisoro and sell on the side of the road.

DSC00663More lake commerce


DSC00668I zoomed out to the full extent so you could see this old school lumber mill.  These guys sawed non stop. Could you?


Seriously, my 2013 New Year resolution was to not make any babies cry.  I was doing so well.  As we approached the other side of the lake this group of kids eye grew saucer sized. The youngest burst into tears and SCREAMED.  O how she wailed. One of the other kids picked her up to bring her closer and the terror was palpable to all the children.  He put the small one down and they just stared while we ate our delicious bagged lunch.

DSC00675I love the way the field rows flow with the landscape.  You can’t see her but a woman is working the field while she wears her baby.  Can you do that?

DSC00676Clay brick oven.  This is so cool.  The mud bricks that are the oven are the product.

DSC00684My first wild chameleon.  Three horned male. The rest were in the shade so they were black and invisible in the photos.


DSC00679Here is some of the brick product and looks like my last photo from that day.

I loved this walk and the birding was fabulous. I am not a wildlife photographer and just use my binoculars  for the birds. People and birds, what a great day. Contact Nkuringo Walking Tours for a different kind of Uganda experience. The next day I go sit with Gorillas. Yes, gorillas.

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16 thoughts on “A walking safari from Kisoro to Nkuringo camp, Uganda

  1. This walking tour seems like the most enjoyable way to experience the countryside and the people. Your photos are beautiful, but I especially like the chameleons, as they are one of my favorite creatures. I envy you being able to see them in the wild. That three horned guy is quite the looker! (Clicking on the photos to enlarge them makes the detail excellent)


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