“Don’t you take my picture!!!!!!” Or would you like to meet my AK-47?

“I SAID NO!!!!”


The index figure  in the air accompanied by a breast height horizontal arm motion are the universal sign for, “NO!!!!!!!”. Hi, number one: he might be smiling now but he’s wearing an AK-47. Next: Smile and ask “hi, can I take your picture?”  It doesn’t matter that you know he doesn’t speak your language, when he sees you are speaking to him and the camera moves he will make a decision what he wants.

No one got shot and you’d probably have to hit a cow in these parts to get shot but still.  In a land where justice is determined with an AK…keep your cool and use your head.

We were on our way here when I took this picture…

Please share!

16 thoughts on ““Don’t you take my picture!!!!!!” Or would you like to meet my AK-47?

      • No, I have been to Egypt, Tunisia, and Ghana in the west. I heard yesterday that in Tunisia, marshal law has been lifted, there is a new president and things are calm. They were the impetus of the “Arab Spring with the immolation of the Tunisian man.) I would love to see the animals in Kenyon, but doubt that will ever happen. Professor tends to avoid places where we might become someone’s political statement! 😎


      • You can always go to Tanzania for safari too! If not, I have posts here from my recent safari and one coming out Sunday.

        Nice to hear about Tunisia. I feel so sheltered here now that I have been to the continent. I was just in Cairo for a day on my way home and it was very intense. People were hungry.

        How was Ghana? I play a lot of music from Ghana on my radio show.


      • try gaining independence in Africa . Ghana was the first country that Peace Corps volunteers went in the 60s. First country to have free elections after the dictator of years and years. I was there for that election. Amazing. We had a Ghanan student stay with us. I am his American mother….makes for interesting pix !


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