Golden Monkeys in Mgahinga National Park, Uganda

I was sleeping only a few km from the foot of the Virunga Mountains where 5 volcanoes line up and express their might. My options today were to hike Mt. Sabyinyo where I would be on the border of Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda or track Golden Monkeys.  It was a tough call but the heavy cloud cover convinced me to go for the monkeys. This would be one of my first experiences “tracking” primates and certainly the worst. My obligatory Uganda Wildlife Association guide is a buffoon. I know, that word is from movies and I’ve never found reason to use it until now. Instead of dwelling on the negative I’ll just tell you that the guides name is Sharon.  Should you go to Mgahinga it would serve you to request that you have someone else. Now lets look at some monkeys, shall we?



We turned to drive the 10 km 90 minute drive to the park.  My driver just smiled and said, “bad”.  Haha, wow, he was right about the road.

After I met my guide and was oriented we hiked about one hour to find the monkey troop. There were 20-30 and conditions were poor for photos. Still, they’re monkeys.





They give you one hour to take pics etc.  You pay $50 entrance including your “guide” either to hike the peaks or to see the Golden Monkey.

Below are a couple shots I took from the car on the way back to Kisoro.



DSC00636Thanks for stopping in.  As usual, please share…

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    • True. I don’t like to candy coat experiences for others though. There is so much candy coating in the travel industry ala Lonely Planet/ Trip Adviser. You know what I mean?


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