Mahberawi: An Assortment Of Exotic Ethiopian Dishes

Great post on a sample of Etiopian/ habesha food

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Experiencing the diverse and exotic Ethiopian cuisines takes an enthusiastic exploration and time. Many Ethiopian traditional eateries throughout the country serves a particular dish which is famously known as Mahberawi … whether it is to make it easier for someone who wants to enjoy or to try- out “a little bit” of Ethiopian main dishes all at once. Mahberawi is simply a combination platter of Ethiopian dishes serve with good old Injera (a fermented Ethiopian bread made out of teff flour).

Mahberawi usually contains samples of five to six main Ethiopian dishes. Doro Wot (Chicken and hard-boiled eggs cooked in spiced up butter, onion, a hot Ethiopian spice blend called Berbere). Since Doro Wot is one of the renowned Ethiopian traditional holiday cuisines, it usually present in the middle of Mahiberawi dish.


Alicha Siga Wot or Alicha Minchet Abish are dishes usually scooped upon Injera, these celebrated Ethiopian meat related…

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