Bedbugs on the march!

Bahir dar, Ethiopia, is allegedly a great place to relax after traveling Ethiopia for a while. I don’t find it that way for several reasons and last night gave me another. As I lay awake at midnight listening to the dogs howling and barking (where are they in the daytime?), I noticed some movement. The cover sheet had some loose because fitted bed sheets are not common here. Usually you wind up with part of you on the bare mattress in the night. Soon there was a migration of small blood sucking creatures using my arm as a bridge to my chest down to the nether parts. The gateway to bloodsucking paradise. I itched and smacked and tossed and turned. I have experienced bed bugs before in Argentina and Brazil before but not like this. It was a battle that lasted until sunrise when they decided to retire and all the while I resisted screaming like a little girl.  In any case, it was a big win for the bed bugs.
Gross, right? Well I spared you the photos of my body.

So where did this happen? The NGG Hotel in Bahir Dar.

The NGG Hotel is dirty, full of bed bugs, has no hot water, and the coffee is divine.

41 thoughts on “Bedbugs on the march!

  1. Been to Ethiopia many a time. Stayed in 5 star hotels with high class bed bugs, but carried on as it is the coffee that wins the day at the end. Except for once in ;D in AXUM where luke warm water was only available between 6 and 8 pm I had hot water everywhere. 🙂


  2. This made me crack up and cringe. Ive had bed bug episodes as well, but nothing like that. Inhooe the divine coffee helped you recover; I’ve been waiting to hear about the coffee. Hugs from afar.


  3. ugh. haven’t been bitten by a bed bug and certainly i don’t want to experience it ever. ,,and to think that they made their presence felt in a hotel…whew, that’s one hotel i wouldn’t want to visit.


  4. So. Very. Gross. What is your strategy to keep the bedbugs from accompanying you on the next portion of your journey? I’ve heard they are really hard to ditch! Maybe a wooden stake and garlic? Please keep us updated on your progress with the battle!


    • I checked out. Went into the sun and took shower before getting in my next bed. No problems last night. I have heard they are persistent too but my others clothes and things never touched the bed. The hotel I am in now is cleaner or should I say relatively clean? I think I’m winning today.


  5. What an experience you are having! Our son and his wife, who live in Australia, recently went to Alaska to visit family for Christmas. They all went to Chena Hot Springs, -45 F. (I’m sure you know this well) No bed bugs there!


  6. Crickey, this happened to me in a hostel in Merida, although not quite as bad. The bug bites were coupled with an allergic reaction that I had to the bacon the night before. I was an itchy, inflated mess when I got home.


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