“I just call it chicken”

When I asked the cook what the delicious concoction he put on my chicken was, he shyly smiled.  After all it had to be some ancient Masai or family recipe or something.  “No”, he said with the Swahili English accent, “I just call it chicken”.

The dish:


This was definitely some of the best I just call it chicken I have had since Thailand. It was a little spicy, a little sweet, and the vegies were cooked al dente. I hope there is more of this coming my way.

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13 thoughts on ““I just call it chicken”

  1. Being a person who loves to cook and eat, I enjoy all your food posts. Food in other countries is always fascinating to learn about. Some things I don’t think I could be polite enough to eat. Your photo and description look quite tasty!


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