What’s to see in Nairobi?

I arrived in Nairobi late Sunday night and took a stroll into town in the morning…DSC02497Inspirational seating


Weird churches


Friendly police (they were).


Towering trees full of storks!


Business people waiting for the bus. Overall people were more well dressed in Nairobi than other cities I have seen.  I did not get any photos of the Muslim clothes line but there were some babes and very cool orange dyed beards.


I am in his home country after all.  Or wait, was it Indonesia? Haha


Round towers


That steeple is no joke.




Lots of people napping in the grass.


I’m heading to Masai mara for a 4 day safari.

What is your next travel adventure?


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13 thoughts on “What’s to see in Nairobi?

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