The Interior of Alaska Life 11: Summer solstice

Picture of solstice in fairbanks alaska summer

Happy summer solstice from Fairbanks, Alaska where we sit at 22 hours of daylight today.  It has not been dark in over a month.  This photo was taken during “the night” at Minto Flats which lies north Fairbanks. During the night meaning between sunset at 12:47 am and sunrise at 2:58 am.

24 thoughts on “The Interior of Alaska Life 11: Summer solstice

    • Thanks, Andra. I have been buried in my other life. It went from winter straight to a heat wave and threat of forest fires here. I can’t believe we start losing light already! There was a foot of snow in my yard 5 weeks ago. How’s life in you parts?


      • Wow. I wondered what had happened to you, Mike. When people disappear, I usually want to reach out and make sure they’re ok. I’m glad to hear you are well.

        MTM took a new job a couple of weeks ago that is a big step up, so that’s exciting. It’s the usual summer here: humid, stormy, lots of horny toads crying all night outside the window. 🙂 Just got back from a trip to hell, I mean, Arizona. So, all is well. Thanks for asking.


  1. On my blog, I’ve had letters from both Dan and Ced, writing home to their Dad in Trumbull or to Lad, that mention the unusual brightness but I have never seen a picture. of an Alaskan “night”. If you don’t mind, I’d like to include a link back to this post the next time we hear from the boys in Alaska.


  2. Hello from the Kenai Peninsula. I have been enjoying all your posts, but have been quite lax about commenting. It is interesting how this Summer Solstice day holds such a marker of time for us. Even though it’s really not, somehow it always seems like the beginning of the end. The gain – loss – gain – loss is so much more important than that of the stock market!
    You’re right about the winter to summer switch. To our friends in Oaxaca we sent a May picture of us on our deck, wearing all our winter gear and polishing off the last of the mezcal they gave us. Two weeks later the snow was gone, and it’s been 75-80 degrees!
    King salmon fishing has been shut down on the Kenai River until July 15 due to poor numbers coming up the river.
    Hope you are having a good summer up north.


    • It’s a very busy year for me but I have now just made time for fun. Debating on where to dipnet. I am still a bit shocked how quickly June cam and went. I’m outta here in the fall!!!


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