Ecuador: Tasting that hand made chocolate and more

You have seen how they make chocolate by hand but now what’s it taste like…cocao tour mindo

In the little cup is pure cacao in liquid form. We tried just a touch of the pure, bitter soon to be dessert. Next we spooned up a small portion and add some granulated sugar which was mixed in mouth.Tours in EcuadorThe squeeze bottle with the red top has ginger extract made on site in it and this was the next mix we made with the pure cacao. So good.  After that it was ahí pepper and more sugar.  The spicy ahí pepper was extraordinary. I am not a huge fan of spicy chocolate but I admit this was the most complex of the flavor mixtures.

A bit more about the squeeze bottles in the above photo. In the gentleman’s hand is pure cacao juice.  As I mentioned in the previous post, this juice is typically discarded. At this chocolate factory they use this juice to make vinaigrette’s and meat sauces.  The last of the three squeeze bottles contained barbeque sauce made from cacao juice (that was the only thing that was lacking).

Now the pièce de résistance, or postre, as it is called in Ecuador, the most decadent brownie in the world, or so we were told.

DSC02221I have to admit the brownie was one of the best I have met, though certainly one of the smallest.DSC02238

This is the block of cacao that went into the pan with the rest.DSC02239This is the secret recipe if you want to know. This block of cacao and the labeled ingredients make a mean 9×13″ pan of brownies.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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21 thoughts on “Ecuador: Tasting that hand made chocolate and more

  1. I need one of those cacao blocks! I make brownies on nearly a weekly basis and would love to try that. And if the pan is 9×13, they could have stood to have given you a little more brownie, I think! Just a smidgen more….


    • I know. I am still a bit off from not getting more brownie. I wish I would have known about your brownie making, I’d have sent you a hunk. Maybe I can get some up for our Seward’s Day Bash.


      • SWEET! I am a baking fiend! I’m going to see if I can work out a gluten free red velvet cake that doesn’t taste like unsalted leftovers. Not that I need gluten free but it’s always cool to learn. Funny you said you’d send me that. I didn’t see that comment and posted in your Seward Day section that I’d send you pasties. We’re on the same wavelength! Sweet!


    • I don’t recall. I would go for another companies tour if I were to do it again. The host was actually a bit rude to non English speakers. You have spent time in Mindo then?


      • Haven’t had the pleasure yet, but Mindo Chocolate has a facility in Dexter, MI near where I live, and they had a tour and tasting recently, with lots of photos of their operation in Ecuador. I thought what you described could be them because the brownies are what got them on the map originally, and they bottle the liquid that drains off from the fermentation process. They also offer tours.

        Interesting visit, and their chocolate has a distinct flavor. I will be blogging about it soon.

        Their website is


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