March is the best time for incredible northern lights in Fairbanks, Alaska

Northern lights (aurora borealis) viewing in Fairbanks, Alaska is among the best in the world.

Last night the skies were pounded by plasma from the sun giving viewers as far south as Minnesota excellent views of the northern lights. This shot by Fairbanks, Alaska photographer, David Shaw, captures the intensity of last nights show.AK-FAI-aurora-103163-33

See more images like this at Wild Imagination Photography or check out David’s tips to photographing the northern lights.

Want to see the northern lights yourself?  We offer a great opportunity to do so.

See our northern lights tour in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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22 thoughts on “March is the best time for incredible northern lights in Fairbanks, Alaska

  1. Amazing photo! I’ve been to Fairbanks, but unfortunately I didn’t see the Northern Lights there. I have seen Northern Lights in Sweden 🙂 Didn’t even know you could see them in Alaska. Makes me wanna go there again!


  2. That is surreal! Seeing the Northern Lights is on my Bucket List, but since a previous bloodclot in one leg has made it difficult for me to travel far from home in Georgia, I think is probably the closest I’ll ever come! 🙂 I wish they could blow in with our current Norther!


  3. Beautiful photo. I would love to visit one day! I have ALWAYS wanted to see Aurora Borealis. I thought I would go to Iceland and kill two birds with one stone so to speak. But Alaska is also an attractive option.


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