The Interior of Alaskan Life 7: Curtains of aurora borealis over a blanket of oilfield light

Photographer Greg Syverson shot this photo at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on March 16/17 2013. Prudhoe Bay is one of the larger oil fields on Alaska’s North Slope.


I was pretty fascinated by this photo when I stumbled across it. I asked the photographer if I could post it becasue I wanted to show you the juxtaposition between industry and the natural world we so often encounter here. As a nature boy, I usually just want the nature part but here it is oddly beautiful.  I can’t quite put my finger on why I find this image particularly attractive but I thought I would share this piece of Alaska with you.

What do you think when you consider the whole mix?

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18 thoughts on “The Interior of Alaskan Life 7: Curtains of aurora borealis over a blanket of oilfield light

  1. Woo hoo! My nephew. Really, Alaska is such a small world, isn’t it? But I know what you mean about mixing extraordinary environment with the man made world. A common occurrence in Unalaska, where flat land is a premium, so you have great clumps of crab pots, fishing nets, cranes, container vans all interspersed with a stunning environment. I never really think about it until we get visitors who haven’t been to the island before; then I sometimes feel like I have to apologize. But somehow it works, and can actually be quite beautiful.


      • Yes. Nephew by a previous marriage, but once a nephew, always a nephew. Greg even got to come out to Unalaska once about 15 years ago, and one of my girls got to visit him when he was living in Bethel, I believe. Email was great for being able to keep in contact, but Facebook is better.


  2. Photos of the Northern LIghts will always amaze me, but I do have a thing about industrial landscapes as well. Ethically I’m against them, but there is a certain beauty about them that I can’t put my finger on.


  3. Looks like a portal opened and the love of the Universe showering down on you folks.

    The experience is similar to when I plays a music instrument, I am a constant positive energy emanating through the Universe.

    Thanks for sharing!


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