Swimming with sea lions


Warning: Do not swim with marine mammals!  Though seals, otters, polar bears, and sea lions are cute and cuddly, you don’t just jump in the water and swim with them, that is, until you travel the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. Sea lions are the only marine mammal other than whales you are likely to find in the surrounding waters, and theses ones, they like to play.


Being told you are safe before swimming is one thing but when you are approached by a lobo (sea wolf as they a called), it’s not the most comfortable feeling at first.


As my friend snapped this photo of me snapping photos, this sea lion kept whacking our cameras and face masks with his snout. Below is a link to another set of playful sea lions of another day.

Swim with sea lions video

En route to the loberia (sea lion rookerie) we ran into a female sea lion at the public rest room (photos). Stay tuned for more from the Galápagos Islands.

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26 thoughts on “Swimming with sea lions

  1. That looks fantastic. I’m considering the possibility of taking my family on a lifetime adventure holiday in 2013 and the Galapagos was on my list. Look forward to your upcoming posts for a first hand view!


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