The Interior of Alaskan Life 5: Our temperature extremes

Most visitors to Alaska come during our incredible, endless summers from which Alaska has earned the name “Land of the Midnight Sun” while others visit in March to see our glorious auroral (northern lights) displays. Though endless days and viewing the aurora may seem to be extreme experiences nothing, NOTHING, is as extreme as our temperature extreme.

temperature extremes in alaska

In 2012, the Interior of Alaska (see Fairbanks above) saw a 137 degree F (30C high to -47C low= 77C) difference in temperature at approximately mid summer to mid winter.

I hope this guide helps you to make an informed decision on when to visit Alaska.

Thanks for having a look at The Interior of Alaskan Life.

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36 thoughts on “The Interior of Alaskan Life 5: Our temperature extremes

  1. Thanks, I really want to visit Alaska and was trying to figure out the best time of year. I’d love the chance to see the Northern Lights, but the long summer days are also tempting…


      • Thanks for the tip Mike. I’ve been debating whether to try and save up for Alaska now or wait a couple of years. I’ve just found out that I will be doing ALOT of overtime at work over the next couple of months, so maybe 2014 will be the year I make it over there.


      • If you want a higher probability of a mind blowing lights show, this will be the best for maybe a decade. They were rocking last night! Don’t work too hard but keep your eye on the prize!

        Take care


  2. Extended sub-zero hereabouts presents problems, starting with frozen pipes. So you have our sympathy. And then: Does your body ever get used to it?
    But the talk of desert also reminds me of those 100-degree days that plunged to 50 at night — a big swing that was usually quite welcome in the interior Pacific Northwest.
    For now, stay dry when you’re about … and I’ll try to do the same.


  3. Photography, travel, wine, nature, birds, (and Costa Rica)…these are a few of my favorite things ! Glad I found your blog. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Alaska, so I can remember my time there through some of your posts. Thanks !


  4. Thanks for visiting my my blog, Mike. That’s a lovely picture, in you About, of fishing in the middle of the night. Making cupcakes. The oven is on. It’s nice a toasty warm.


  5. Hubby and I have done a couple of AK Discovery trips, now MTS I think. I love AK in the summer. The “lights” are a bucket list item for me, however, I am a cold wimp! Give me 108 any day over anything lower than 40. Thanks for the like on my blog, I’m glad to find yours.


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