Comida típica (typical food): Colombia

Here is some of what you can expect to find on the daily menu when traveling in ColombiaComida típica or typical food is the standard in much of central and south America.  As you can see here in Colombia you will get a bowl of soup or Sancocho (a Colombian stew). The plate comes with a piece of meat, generally, and sides of rice and beans.  Along with that you may get a potato, paticones (smashed, fried plantain), fried banana, or a salad if you are lucky.  Many breakfast and lunches are set menus such as you see here. You will pay 2-6 usD and most of the time the food is very good quality if not salty.


This next meal of Comida típica came with ample carbohydrates but also had salad.  The main was a bit of chicken.  This meal was accompanied by jugo de lulo, lulo juice. I have no idea what a lulo is but it tastes delish.


Alternatives to this menu are empanadas.


This was my breakfast para llevar (to go) on the bus when I headed from Colombia across into Ecuador. The “coffee” is called tinto. As you guessed tinto means colored and that is exactly what it is, colored hot water but with copious amounts of sugar. The bag to the left has maracuya juice in it.  Maracuya is just one of the many fruits found in Colombia that are uncommon to most of us.

And another local specialty is lechona.lechona

It’s a pig stuffed with rice, chick peas, onions, and more pig.  I have only had it once.  It packs about 500 calories per bite, not really, but you get my point.  As greasy and delicious as it is, it sits hard ,wreaks havoc on my guts, and leaves me feeling a bit like a greasy pig.

There is more food in Colombia but this is what you find most of in restaurants. There are some regional specialties as well. Click these links for more about Colombia tours and culture.

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43 thoughts on “Comida típica (typical food): Colombia

  1. That is one huge lechona. Good thing I eat kosher….

    And that maracuya juice sounds absolutely lovely! I’ve had it in jam form. Apparently in Uruguay, they call it “mburucuya.”


  2. Lulo, or naranjilla (little orange) is an Andean fruit from Ecuador and Colombia. I love most South American food, but I could never eat cuyi (guinea pig in Peru. Lechona and it’s national variations is wonderful.



  3. Colombia was already on my travel list but given I’m a massive foodie and love trying new food it is creeping steadily upwards thanks to this post!


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