Feria de Cali, Colombia: Cultural parades

The Feria De Cali (Cali Fair) is the most important cultural event in Pacific Colombia.  It celebrates the areas rich culture, the products of sugar cane, as well as salsa music and dance. Bullfights are also a part of Feria but are becoming controversial within Cali and may not last as many locals see the practice as cruel.

Many of Colombia’s larger cities have a Feria during December or January. If you plan to do some Colombia travel anytime during those months be sure to include a few days at one or several Feria’s.  Below I have included several links to some of the parade activities in Cali. Though there were hundreds of Colombian families at this event some of the content is sexual (fertility and sin).

The next posts will be some of the incredible dance shows and live music.



Y Dios Puse el Negro aquí Africanidad Cal…


Cultura Andino


Bailando Africano


Sex and the sinner?

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I didn’t do it.  She put my hand on her balloons.

7 thoughts on “Feria de Cali, Colombia: Cultural parades

    • I sure do. This was my second visit to explore the south for taking groups. I have tours in the north currently. I am putting together a post directed exactly at your question. I will post it in the next few weeks. Let me know if you have any other questions. Saludos!


  1. You had us at sugar cane and salsa music. Yay! The warning here about sexual content reminds me of a time when we were warned not to take our (then-9-year-old) daughter to a parade in Key West, because of expected “sexual content” during a Halloween parade. (As a parent, I’m glad I didn’t know about some of the places my children went, until they got back). Looking forward to the dance shows and music. Thanks Mike!


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