Fairbanks, Alaska Ranks #2 In Top 10 US Travel Destinations in 2013

The secret’s out!

Everyone wants to know what it’s like at the end of the road.

From the article in the Lonely Planet:

“2. Fairbanks, Alaska

Have you seen aurora borealis (aka the northern lights)? The sensation of seeing Arctic skies crackle with smoky blues, greens and reds has long drawn off-season travelers way north. 2013 will be big, marking the end of a fiery 11-year-cycle, when sunspots are particularly feisty, making for a big show in the Fairbanks sky 240 nights a year. Go. From May to mid-August daylight is too strong to see much, but by late summer they start to appear, and Fairbanks is the place to be. On the ground, curious foodies can sample traditional Athabascan cuisine at Taste of Alaska (call to book in advance) at the Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center, or take part in a unique pub-crawl, The Great Fairbanks Pub Paddle (edit: the river in this link is the Nenana River in the Alaska Range, not the Chena River). Open all year, the 414-mile Dalton Highway plies north of Fairbanks into the Arctic, and air taxis reach the pristine 800-sq-mile Gates of the Arctic National Park, but the light show will be best back in Fairbanks.”

Summer solstice (June 21, 2011 at midnight)
The sky might look like this on summer solstice at midnight in Interior Alaska just north of Fairbanks as it did while pike fishing in 2010. We enjoy 24 hours of daylight for nearly 3 months with temperatures from 68-80 degrees F (20-25C).
Denali National Park is just down the road. At ~20,238 ft (6196m) and growing, Denali is sure to impress.  This photo was taken ~35 miles from the base of Denali.  The photo does its magnitude no justice. It is a jaw dropping experience.

DSC00158Denali is bursting with wildlife from this herd of caribou (note the satellite transmitter on the neck of the second caribou from the top). I took this photo while walking back from song bird surveys conducted for Denali National Park. To grizzly bears, black bears, wolves,  moose, golden eagles, sheep, and on and on.


What else do you want to do in Alaska?

See more Alaska photos here.

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Safe travels always!

Mike Knoche

Owner/Lead Guide

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23 thoughts on “Fairbanks, Alaska Ranks #2 In Top 10 US Travel Destinations in 2013

  1. Hey Mike! Thanks for stopping by and liking our blog (www.travel-stained.com). Alaska is one place we have yet to visit, and it’s definitely somewhere we want to see one day. Thanks for all the great information! 🙂


  2. Our first cruise as Vancouver to Seward in the late 1990s. Awesome … plus we spent a few days on land as well. Actually traveled to an end of a road – Talkeetna! … but I haven’t yet seen the northern lights! 🙂 …. Bucket list!


    • Chiapas is a favorite of mine. I rode my bike from San Cristobal down to the west cost and on down to Guatamala and then back along the Guatamala-Mexico border in the Laconda Jungle. Chiapas is special. Read “1491” before you go. I too would like to get to the Philippines one day. Safe travels!


      • Thanks for the tips. I will take a look at 1491! Yeah, I’ve not been to the Philippines yet either. I lived in Korea for five years and saw most of east and southeast Asia, but never quite fit it in.


      • Yeah, I enjoyed my travels around Asia immensely and the people in the south are indeed relaxed, but certainly not in Korea!! One of the reasons I eventually left was because the super hyperness of the culture was wearing on my nerves and I found myself too becoming fast and nervous!


      • Interesting. I have spent no time in Korea but have many friends that were also ESL teachers. I have spent a few days at Seoul-Incheon airport either at the spa in the basement or in a complimentary room…


  3. very interesting.. my 12 year old brother dreams about hiking in Alaska with his older brother. Into-to-the-wild- kind of thing. I will show this to him. Thanks for sharing.


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