Aurora borealis and Orionid meteor in Alaska

Another phenomenal shot of the northern lights with a meteor from the Orionid shower this past weekend shared by the Aurora Borealis Network.  The photo was taken by Debra Smallwood of North Pole.

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17 thoughts on “Aurora borealis and Orionid meteor in Alaska

  1. My nonexistent bucket list has “see the northern lights first hand” on it for my 33rd birthday. Although that’s a few years away, I find myself day dreaming about what it would look like in person. Love this post!


    • Well if you fancy seeing them while dog mushing, snow machining, and adventuring in Alaska let me know. I will be posting about that trip in a few weeks. 33 is a big year. Mine was great and I hope yours is too.


  2. It’s been too long since I’ve seen them. I’m at about 35 degrees right now, so it won’t be soon! But the Orionids have been awesome! Keep shooting up there, and if you do enough shooting in the winter, consider a post on cold-weather shooting tips (like where exactly do you keep your extra battery, haha!)


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