Borneo Family Adventure and Safari

Borneo is the perfect place for a family travel adventure in my opinion and here’s why…

As a traveler I was awestruck by the diversity of animals and more so by their abundance. Traveling in Borneo is a complete jungle safari experience coupling the exotic, foreign sounds and rumble of the jungle with its inhabitants. The whooping cries of the gibbons while they frantically leap and bound high in the canopy is my favorite. As guide for many families in the past my experience is that being in the wild, viewing animals and even animal families is a strong bonding experience.  That is positive, fun, and just keeps going on while you are in traveling/safariing in Borneo.

If travel in Borneo with your family sounds good then keep reading…

In short time you will be on an exclusive tropical beach watching sea turtles along the shore.  You can observe them laying eggs or hatching, it just depends on when you decide to go. Wind in your hair, sand between your toes, and cool water to refresh. A great way to relax into your family vacation. After a one or two night stay at the Turtle Island Sanctuary we will take a few hours journey to the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary for an up close and personal experience with rehabilitating orangutans.  Along the Sanctuary path you will see any number of primate species and hornbills. It is basically a single species zoo within the jungle. After visiting with orangutans, its off to the Kinabatangan River where the family wildlife safari really begins.  At dawn you set out in small boats to look for red-leaf monkeys, macaques, gibbons, and many more monkeys and sub apes! Afternoons can be spent lazing about in the heat or fishing with your guides.  After dinner you will load up into the boats to watch huge colonies of flying foxes fill the sky as they depart their roost and go off in search of fruit to dine on.  As darkness sets in birds and monkeys shuffle into nightly roosting spots and give us great photo opps.  On my last trip we were able to approach sleeping birds on their roosting branches and get right up close.  After the river safari we will head to the Danum Valley to relax in a luxurious setting deep in the Danum preserve.  In your bungalow by the river you may catch monkeys coming down to get a drink of water before breakfast or swinging in the trees above your deck.  In the daytime your guides will take you out to see exotic birds like hornbills and look for wild orangutans.  In the evening you will try to find bush babies, crocodiles, and many of the other nocturnal animals prowling around.

Are your family members water babies?

Sipidan, Malaysian Borneo is ranked amongst the Top 5 Locations to dive in the entire world.  Certifications are available and just plain old snorkeling here was an all time best for me. It’s a worthwhile addition to make a complete tour of Borneo.

Borneo is about seeing wildlife and that shared family bonding experience that comes from it is unforgettable.

Do you like to travel with you family? 

Do you know a family that loves to travel together?

For more details about pricing and information please see the ExploreDreamDiscover Tours website.  All of our suggested tours are just to give you an idea of what is available for Borneo travel.  Let us know your preferences!

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21 thoughts on “Borneo Family Adventure and Safari

  1. We spent part of our Borneo Holiday in the Sandakan area – including Turtle Island, Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, and Kinbatangan River. The wildlife in this area is absolutely amazing and if your tour teams up with locals, they offer a plethora of information as well. Our kids were 5 and 2 at the time, and still talk about it a year later! If you’re really lucky, you might even spot a pygmy elephant in the wild!! We did (I really should get around to that blog post…) Sounds like you have a great tour on offer!


    • Hi, That’s great, I am glad to hear you had such a nice trip. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the pygmy elephant as well. One couple reached for their cameras and missed it. So no photos but the ones in my mind. Did you make it to Sipidan?


      • We were lucky enough to capture some photos!! But no, we didn’t make it to Sipidan. It is on the list for when we go back – by that time, the kids will have lots of snorkelling practice and maybe hubby can go diving!


      • I have never seen so many animals around a reef. Its a real treat. A saw a clam the size of a beach ball under a wall of barracuda in front of a white tipped and two black tipped sharks when I fell into the water. Three days in the water minimum. Have fun!


  2. Like, like, like! Borneo- in particular the Danum Valley, Kuching, and the Kinabatangan River- was one of the most unexpectedly amazing parts of our Southeast Asia trip. For anyone considering going, do it!


    • A kindred spirit! I had been to many places before Borneo. Many jungles in Asia and South America. Everything else was nice but Borneo is what the jungle was like in my imagination as a child (sans a Tarzan).


  3. mike, had a chance to stop by and peek through the window you offer on travel and adventure! reminds me to keep dreaming when that season is back in our lives. love this one for the munchkins too!


  4. Hi Mike, found this thanks to your Like on my post!
    I’m looking to travel somewhere for my honeymoon next year and have been entertaining hundreds of ideas! Borneo was one of the obvious choices due to my lady loving orangutans and July being a good time, but will have to see what else there is around as well.

    Will keep an eye on your posts! Pleasure to meet you and thanks for the Like!


    • Yes, the Danum Valley would be a great place to take her for the wild orangs. There is so much you can do there in a short period even in Sipidan alone. I wish you two all the best. Take care!

      PS. maybe don’t mention the tiger leeches.


    • Yep, Borneo is probably my most recommended destination for simplicity of logistics and size of ground to cover, well Malaysian Borneo anyway. I only dabbled in Kalimantan and though it was interesting travel was a bit of a challenge. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I live in Asia so I’ve visited Borneo a lot! I love it there! We went when I was 10 years old and saw Hornbills, then again this year I went and trekked through the wild jungles for 4 days (3 nights in hammocks hung in the trees- not THAT was an interesting experience haha) and then climbed Mt. Kinabalu! So much fun! Sabah is truly an awesome holiday location! 😀


  6. Mike, very interesting. I would like to go to Alaska. I have been in Alaska only at the airport, a short stop on my way to Toronto. Thank you that you like my Solo. Did you read my Sampang and Blitar articles, too? Greetings.


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