Two Alaskan bull moose battle it out in this falls rut!

This is a video clip of two bull moose settling a territory dispute.  It gives you an idea of how close to nature we really are in Alaska. It is clearly a different setting than the cow moose photo from above.  This cow moose is standing in front of Denali in Denali National Park in late summer just before the “rut”. (Have you traveled to Denali National Park in Alaska? “Follow us” to see upcoming trips to Denali and photos from Denali.)

“Rut” is triggered by a shortening  photoperiod or length of day and depends on gestation length in a particular species.  In the case of Alaskan moose the gestation period is 8 months so young are born in spring when fresh, nutrient rich vegetation has begun to come back after the long winter. Rut increases aggression between bull moose as you can see in the video.

The timing of the rut definitely varies regionally across the state. When I was traveling in northern Alaska in September the bull were in rut and trying to build harems.  That’s all for now.  Have a look at this video and share if you please!

This video originally appeared in the Alaska Dispatch.

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9 thoughts on “Two Alaskan bull moose battle it out in this falls rut!

    • I once witnessed a HUGE bull with a harem of 6-7 cow moose fend off a younger, much smaller bull. IT was in the days of film and I was fresh out. Sometimes its better to put the camera down though because those special moments are fleeting and even reaching for a camera might cause you to lose it. Have you seen moose before?


      • Yes, once when I was a kid at Yellowstone Park. It was a bull feeding out in a marsh. Other tourists were running out into the marsh to get close enough to take pictures. They were quickly followed by a Park Ranger trying to protect them from there own stupidity. The moose was enormous, but then I was a little kid, which I’m sure made it look bigger. Nobody got hurt.


      • Great story. When I was a late teen I drove through Yellowstone with a friend. Immediately on entry there was a bison in the distance, deep in the trees.Droves of cars emptied,all with points and shoots including myself. My approach was much slower (for no good reason at the time). There was a distance approaching that I was no comfortable with. People kept going with point and shoots at their faces. I watched. When the bison, sex unknown, snorted everyone turned and ran right by me. I walked away quickly .


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