Northern lights (Aurora borealis) in Alaska last night.

The “lights”, as we call the aurora borealis  locally, have been very active the last few nights.  Fairbanks, the city we are based in, is one of the best places to see the  lights given our geographic location and the number of clear nights we have.  September-October and then March are usually the best months to see them.  Here is a photo by Sebastian Sarloos  from Aurora Borealis Notifications.

Is seeing the northern lights up close and personal  or Alaska travel on your bucket list? Join us for our amazing spring tour!

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192 thoughts on “Northern lights (Aurora borealis) in Alaska last night.

  1. Hi Mike,

    Beautiful shot. I’ve been north to Thule and Resolute Bay but didn’t see the lights. Perhaps another day. If you ever see any funky playgrounds on your travels – not the standard, modular ones that have invaded much of North America – think of me and send me a few snapshots along with location to publish in PlayGroundology. Thanks for liking the Perilous Playgrounds. Cheers from Halifax, Canada – Alex.


  2. It is quite ironic that I received an email saying that you liked my blog Gideon_ Liuwa Plains poacher turned conservation office and maybe I would like your blog as much.
    Well I love the fact that you live in Alaska. That is another dream of mine to see the Northern Lights. I am just in the process of publishing a children’s book on polar bears which should be out in Feb. 2013′. I will get up there one day! You can read the poem that I used in the book at My Planet My Part, Gallery. It is a partnership with polar bears international and the people who do the tundra buggy in Churchill Manitoba. I hope to win the visit there to see the bears.
    Happy to know about your company and will keep you in mind for future adventures. I have to run now but will read more of your blog at a later date


  3. Aurora borealis is amazing, It’s beautiful. I wish that i could see it straight from my eyes. You know, since i was a kid, i have been dreamin to see this beautiful light. Wishin i could be there someday


  4. Thanks for liking my blog- LOVE yours! Incredible pics ! I was in London last January and the Northern Lights were going like crazy in Scotland- I was so disappointed that we couldn’t take a side trip to see them. It must be so incredible to really be there. I look forward to seeing more from you- Erica


    • Hey Erica,

      It really is amazing to see them. The excitement doesn’t wear off either. If you want to see them in Alaska, March is the best time because there are other activities and the weather is mild (most of the time).

      Safe travels


  5. I’ve never ever seen the Aurora Borealis. I’m very jealous. Never been up to Fairbanks, but my dad lived in Sitka for a couple years, and I visited there a few times. Alaska is such a beautiful place.


  6. just awesome, mike! alaska is listed among the places i’d like to see in my lifetime. so now, you have a fan. do keep sending pics and good reads about alaska. btw, thanks for visiting my site as well. perhaps you can call me if you’re in my neck of the woods.


  7. What a wonderful picture! Used to see St. Elmo’s on the cockpit windshield (back when cabin crew were allowed up front) and once the Borealis when over the Atlantic. As great as that was, something more special when on the ground, I think. Look forward to seeing it again in the future. Thanks for your visit. Cheers!


  8. Gorgeous lights-you are very lucky to live in Aklaska-a true wilderness……see my blog for stories from another kind of wilderness…much hotter!


  9. Very nice aurora borealis.
    Unfortunately, I could not be further away from the winterlights as I live in Bangkok. Best we have here are street-lights, city-lights and headlights.


  10. Thanks very much for the like, and your visit to Norfolk. I have always dreamed of seeing the Northern lights, but do not live anywhere ‘North enough’ to do so, and sadly do not have the income to travel to them. You are very lucky to have had such a good view of them. Regards, Pete, England.


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