Six Reasons to travel with ExploreDreamDiscover

Happy World Tourism day from ExploreDreamDiscover!

We draw from personal experience.  The destinations we offer are picked from among many locations where we have personal travel experience.  This means we bring you the best possible options for an exclusive cultural or wildlife experience.  The pictures in this website…I took them.

We know the countries we operate in. Straight from number one. We have experience in Alaska, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Borneo, and Burma (see “Tours” on our website).  Many operators will book travels without having been to the locations themselves.  This can lead to huge miscommunications and a disappointed client.  Not fair. Its your vacation.

We are not a large operator.  We maintain a small staff in Alaska and guides abroad. Our compact size gives you a more personal experience with the staff and gives us a lower overhead keeping your costs down.

We use local guides. This is yet another attribute that makes your travel with ExploreDreamDiscover Tours more personal. Our guides will speak the local language of the areas you travel as well as English.

Small group size. The guide to group ratio will never exceed 6 people to one guide.  We make sure there are enough guides so that you get the information you want and the attention you need.  Traveling with large tour groups is akin to buying a bus ticket where the bus stops for breaks and you guess where you are.

We do our best to provide eco-friendly, sustainable tours and contribute to local communities wherever we operate. We want to reduce the negative impact of our trips. While it’s a pleasure to share the gems of our destinations with you, repeated visits have an impact like walking the same path to the field behind your house year after year. We will support local education and sustainability efforts in the communities in which we operate.

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22 thoughts on “Six Reasons to travel with ExploreDreamDiscover

  1. I came over to thank you for the ‘like’…and was fascinated. I’m living in Costa Rica now after years in France and am horrified by the lack of respect for nature shown by most of the tours offered.
    Glad to see an exception.


    • Thanks Helen. I agree. It seems that in CR there is a broad divide between conservation and actual resource use. Compared to every other country in Central America the nature is just growing into the roads and well preserved but the tour operators (not all) could care less. Zipline in particular. How did ziplines gain so much popularity? Anyhow, thanks for stopping by. Welcome!


  2. This is such a awesome blog. Came over to say thank you for liking my post and felt in love with some of your stories about some.I love Travelling!! Seeing new places, meeting new people.. discover different cultures… I will follow your blog for sure.


  3. Thank you for the like of my post “chasing Sunlight and Breeze”. I like your vision-mission of respect for culture and nature to travel destinations you offer. Try my country The Philippines to include in your travelogue.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s not always easy to express a vision and I think I made it clear for you.

      I would love to get to the Philippines one day. If you would like to write a guest post for my blog I would be happy to entertain it. Let me know.


  4. Mike, have you zip lined in Costa Rica? As far as zip lining, I think Costa Rica has some of the best. I went with a company (can’t remember the name now) near La Fortuna…it’s the company that The Bachelor (2010 season I think) used for their season. It was amazing. 7 different zip lines. Do you whitewater raft??


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