Five Reasons to visit Myanmar (Burma) now

Myanmar?  Burma?  Where?  What?  With little doubt the name(s) evoke some sort wonder and mystery in your mind. That was my reaction after I spun my globe back in 2006 wondering where I might wander next and stopped on Burma. There were some travel guides available but they would never begin to explain the amazing journey that you are going to find there.

And now the Top Five Reasons to Travel to Myanmar….all good reasons but I saved the best for last.

1.  It’s still a “road not taken”…with the closed-door policy of the military junta in place, Myanmar is not on the radar or bucket list of many travelers.  In my opinion, it is the premier country to observe rich, untouched culture in Southeast Asia .

2. You can feel good about traveling there now. The military junta is gone and the people are gaining rights. Aung San Suu Kyi is no longer under house arrest and has retracted her request that tourists avoid travel to Myanmar. (“Please use your liberty to promote ours”- Aung San Suu Kyi)

3. Incredible cultural diversity!  BUT, as ironic as it seems this diversity will diminish as open policies allow for westernization.  Get there before Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Carl’s Jr.! No kidding.

4. Buddhism and temples. There is nowhere in Southeast Asia that even compares in the sheer numbers of temples and archeological sites than Myanmar (though Ankor Wat in Cambodia has bragging rights).  Monks garnished their red robes mark every turn.

5. It’s cool.  Admittedly it is.  Other than Cuba there are very few places on earth you CANNOT buy a COKE and bag of Doritos or whatever name brand product you might want when you want it while you are there (EDIT 11/26/2012- I recently read that Coca Cola is now sold in Myanmar).  It’s not the West.  It’s traditional.  It has been sheltered from any influences aside from China. Now is the opportunity for a once in a lifetime trip that is at the apex of travel experiences.


Have you already been traveled to Myanmar?  If so, tell us your story.

If not, are you interested?

I will be posting here in the coming months about my tour in Burma.  Stay tuned for more!

Contact for more info on this fleeting opportunity.

Thanks for visiting!

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21 thoughts on “Five Reasons to visit Myanmar (Burma) now

  1. I’ve travelled in Burma/Myanmar for work quite a few times over the years, and lived on the border for a few years (working with refugees from the border areas, where fighting is still going on.) It’s really wonderful that things are now changing, at last. My friends from Myanmar always hope that visitors will find out about the country – the human rights problems, the ongoing conflicts – and travel with these in mind. It’s an amazing place. Enjoy.


    • Thanks for posting. I think everyone that has travel in Myanmar feels the same. Once I had read “From the land of green ghosts”, I knew I was going someplace special. I hope that he country is developed responsibly. Thanks for stopping by and keep fighting the good fight. Cheers


  2. Wow, sounds like an amzing place to visit… I hope I can get there before the westernisation kicks in. It’s a tragic fact that the same tourism that can provides for countries economically is also slowly streamlining the culture…


    • I think more than tourism its the companies that sell consumption. After the cyclone hit the people their suffered very much without tourism dollars. That black market provided a huge amount of income for locals. The irony of this incredible culture too is that it was maintained because of a brutal regime. Though there will be a big westernizing I wonder if it does not benefit the lives of many overall. There was and probably still is some tough living over there…I could go on and on about the good and the bad. An questions?


  3. Mike, this post just makes me want to go to Myanmar even more. For some reason (actually the reasons you listed), Burma is it — that’s where I really want to travel. Thanks for sharing this post, and thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the Travel Oops Interview!


  4. Good question. Of course, my big obstacle is the same old obstacle that many travelers have…$$$. I’m a huge dreamweaver, but I’ll know I’ll make it happen at some point. I’d like to take my kids, too.


  5. I enjoyed the month I spent in Myanmar. I was there in 2004 when the dictatorship was in full swing and we couldn’t walk by the government buildings in large groups, etc. I LOVE the Burmese people. And what a beautiful country! I suggest visiting Inle Lake if you get a chance.


    • Hi Ashley, Yes, I would agree about the people in Burma. As I rode my bike across the country I, of course, encountered a huge language barrier. Using a phrasebook and hand gestures I was able to make due. Nearly every village I rode through my presence caused such a stir that I would always be surrounded by many of the smiling villagers. These people had nothing and always GAVE me food. Mingalaba!


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