Why travel to Borneo?

The second largest island on earth has the equator running right through it making its post glacial state a hot bed for plant and animal diversity.  This means more opportunity to see interesting life! The modern Malaysian state of Sabah, on the north coast of the island, offers all of the creature comforts for its guests and treasure trove of enchanted forests and incredible wildlife.  More on the amenities in this post.

A few days on the Kinabatangan River might get you 5 or 8 species of monkeys or apes including the orangutan (in Malay “orang” means human and “utan” means forest!).

Diving in Sipidan will leave you breathless as its untouched beauty can only be seen by 100 people/ day as a law.
Falling out of the boat and into those waters was one of the most incredible experiences of my life with black tipped sharks, barracuda, and beach ball sized clams all within eye shot.

And the Danum Valley?  Pygmy elephants anyone?  I don’t have a photo because it never occurred to me to take out my camera when I saw it!  When photographing wildlife sometimes the moment is lost because the sighting is brief truly separating the photographer from the wannabe.

These are just a few of the highlights of travel to Borneo.  The Indonesian side- Kalimantan- is absolutely wild…

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17 thoughts on “Why travel to Borneo?

  1. Hi Mike! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Malaysia really does have tons to offer. Though I am from Malaysia, I am having a hard time fitting a visit to Borneo with my husband who has never been there. We travel a lot for work. Sometimes it is monumental task to fit in a mini holiday in between. But, I can show him Borneo through your site! Thank you! 🙂


    • You are most welcome. I am urging my clients to visit Borneo now because of the rapid change going on their. I don’t know a ton about Malaysian environmental policy but I did see that the ancient rainforest was being cut rapidly and turned into palm oil plantations that the fruits, ironically, are being used to produce biofuels. Anyhow, I hope you get there and if not I will be providing more photos here some week in the future.

      I have a friend that will be touring by bicycle in Malaysia this winter. Where do you live? How are cyclists treated? Thanks!


      • I am based in Italy but I am from Ipoh.North of our capital Kuala Lumpur. We are not so “2 wheel” friendly, unfortunately. So your friend would have to be very careful on the roads. In the cities, I think there are some bicycle lanes but I am not hopeful. Other than that, when he takes those state roads that take him through small forgotten towns (because of the north-south highway) he will find a very different and slower Malaysia.

        Hope your friend has a great time!! 🙂


      • Thanks Mouseytong (I love your name), It sounds like the cities there are like any. One must be careful riding a bicycle. Away from the cities are much safer. I am sure my friend will do fine. She is very excited to go. Take care!


  2. East Indonesia is awesome but unfortunately the transportation is more expensive to go there. But this October I’m going to Derawan, I will post at my blog later the image of thouse beautiful Island.


    • Yes, its remote location definitely make it more expensive. Derawan is incredible. Stay in the rooms on the pier. You can jump from right outside your room into the water with many sea turtles. Have a great trip!


  3. Hi Mike!

    Thanks for liking my blog post on Prague trip.
    I’m surprised (and envious) to see how many places you’ve been to. If you have written a post about Derawan, could you share the link? Because I couldn’t find it anywhere in your blog 🙂

    Anyway, your blog is awesome!


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