Orca viewing in Alaska anyone (video)?

Orca sightings can be are event even in Alaskan waters, at least they have been for me given the amount of time I have spent on the water. I saw these en route to the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge in Kenai Fjords National Park. Video links are below.

Resident orcas tend to have diets that are mainly fish. The closely related “transient” killer whales form smaller pods and have a diet that includes marine mammals. “Off shore” killer whales are rarely seen and their pods of up to 200 whales feed on schooling fish.  To read more about orcas, click here.


In this second video from another orca pod you can see there is a male in the group judging from the taller dorsal fin.

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21 thoughts on “Orca viewing in Alaska anyone (video)?

  1. Hey Mike, I was feeling “homesick” for Alaska, and finally made my way to yr website. And there were the two sightings — of orcas and the two black bear from our paddle to Pederson Glacier. Thanks for posting them. Good to relive memories. Thanks for the recommendation for dinner in Seward. Had a good meal.


    p.s. Remember us? My husband and I were travelling solo and we all met at the KFGLodge.


  2. I love the Orca shots. Being from the Puget Sound area, I remember it was a big deal to spot the Orcas. I look forward to more from Alaska – my wife and I met on a cruise to Alaska in ’05. Thanks for visiting my blog.


    • I saw the Orca’s in the Sound last January. I was watching from a friends windows in West Seattle when we saw something in the distance. We glassed through binoculars for an hour while the wildlife paparazzi followed them for every inch of travel. Anyhow, we were really lucky to see two pods in a day on this trip. Thanks for visiting. Congrats on meeting a woman in Alaska!


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